Volunteer with the Hamilton Falconwatch!

Falconwatch runs on the strength of its volunteers. People like you. We need people for the following roles (details below):

  • On-Street Falconwatchers - 2-3 weeks in June/July (2 or 4 hour shifts)
  • Community Outreach - April-July (normally a few hours per month)
  • Fund Raisers - year round, with emphasis on February-June
  • Specialized Skills Projects - any time of year
  • Committee Members - year round

Detailed descriptions of volunteer roles:

On-Street Falconwatchers: Our greatest need for volunteers is for a few weeks in the summer, when we require people on the streets around the downtown area, reporting to the Falconwatch Coordinator on duty, tracking the movements of the chicks as they make their first flights, ready to summon help (by radio) for any chick that comes to ground without the strength to take off again. This work is organized in 'shifts' that suit the availability of each volunteer, any time between 5AM and approximately 9PM. We need a minimum of 2 volunteers on duty at all times, more at peak times, which means we need a lot of people!

We particularly need someone to keep the volunteer schedule, calling in help for unfilled time slots or when a volunteer cannot make a scheduled time slot, and volunteers to be on hand to assist during Coordinator meal hours.

On-Street Rescue Team: If a bird comes to the ground and needs to be captured, an experienced Rescue Team will be called in. On-street Falconwatchers on duty at the time will assist the Rescue Team. Anyone who has participated as an on-street watcher for one or more previous seasons is welcome to volunteer for the Rescue Team. Special training will be provided.

Orientation meetings are held each June to train volunteers for these important jobs.

Community Outreach - We always welcome dedicated and knowledgeable falcon enthusiasts who can help in our mission to inform and educate the public, by working at booths/displays at community events or at our display booth in Jackson Square, and other opportunities to raise awareness of Peregrine Falcons and the recovery efforts in Ontario. If someone has experience as a media liaison or with public relations, those skills would be a most welcome addition to the team.

Fund-raisers: This position is only loosely defined at this time. We are looking for one or more people to help us in the various tasks of raising funds in the community. We need people with knowledge and/or connections to obtain donations or sponsorships from businesses, large and small, and charitable or philanthropic organizations. A particular need is for people who have experience writing and following through on charitable grant applications. We ask that anyone interested in helping raise funds please contact us before you undertake any fund-raising in our name.

Specialized Skills Projects: Some of our tasks require specialized skills, such as computer/technical skills, or running cables for video. Quite often a small business will be able to donate some of their employees' time to help us do these tasks. These organizations are recognized in the "Partners" rolling display on our web page, as well as in various signs, brochures and media releases. If you think you may have something to contribute, even something we haven't thought of, please contact us.

If you are interested in any of these positions, or simply want to know more, please send an e-mail to volunteer1@falcons.hamiltonnature.org .


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